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Being a parent and finding a restaurant, playground, someplace fun, store or hotel that is fun for kids can be a daunting task. Kidgrade is an online product that offers parents within the Chicagoland area to search for locations that are "kid-friendly". About five years ago they expressed a desire to help their users search for kid-friendly restaurants on the go via mobile.

I was tasked with this project almost five years ago, when mobile experience design was still the wild-west.

find a branch mobile

I delivered a solution that is still heavily used to this day. Kidgrade informed us they had many users giving feedback on how much they loved the ability to find places they could take their entire family in an easy to use manner. I worked on the interaction design, and visual design for this project. This was one of my earlier mobile projects I was tasked with. Overall, I think it is still easy to use, after several years. I've noticed a couple elements have been shifted around on the live version, but that is to be expected. I enjoy seeing some of my earlier work is still being used to this day.