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whiteboard session

Grainger has over one million products available online. Filtering search results can be a confusing task if not designed properly, especially on a mobile device. Our users interact with Grainger to purchase products fast. Without providing users with an efficient way to narrow their search results, the potential for frustration and abandonment is high.

I was tasked with designing search filters for the first release of Grainger's iPad application. Each search results screen has the potential for having a vast amount of filtering options. Our team spent a great deal of time examining and discussing the pros and cons of some sketches, wireframes and rapid-prototypes I delivered.

wireframe of filtering solution

After presenting several options and conducting some usability tests, we arrived at a decision. The filtering design we agreed upon, allows for users to view attributes and filters in a manner that is easy to scan and interact with.

This project went through numerous iterations and white-boarding sessions where we all shared our opinions about the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches. The end result is designed for people to make informed decisions in an efficient manner, and find the products they're looking for, fast.