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notebook sketches of product detail page

Grainger has over a million products and the product detail page is the location in which all data lives for a specific product. It is one of the most highly viewed and important pieces of the conversion puzzle. The products Grainger sells can be highly detailed and technical in nature. Many times, they are incredibly similar to other products in the same category. It is crucial to ensure the user has access to the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision. Grainger has many different types of users. They range from employees from large corporate accounts to smaller family-run businesses. It is important all of those users' needs are met.

I was tasked with designing a product detail experience that housed numerous components of functionality in an easy and efficient manner.

find a branch mobile

After working closely with designers, engineers, researchers and stakeholders, we delivered an experience that allows our users to view individual products in a easy to use manner. This feature had to allow users to find all of the important information they're looking for in an efficient manner. Grainger has many different types of users, all of which have specialized information they're focused on. This feature's structure was designed in a way that allows for scalability and quick access to additional content like reviews, real-time availability, compliance information, technical specs and merchandising. We found intra-page navigation to be helpful for Grainger's customers, as it provides a high-level view of the types of content offered on the screen.