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flow chart

Grainger has millions of users and a great deal of accounts. Sometimes, we forget our login credentials. As we know, forgetting your information to access your account can certainly be a pain point for many users. Minimizing this pain needs to be of the utmost importance if we want to keep our users happy. Working on Grainger's first fully-native iPad application allowed us to improve the existing logic from the web experience.

I was tasked with designing the flow/interaction for the forgot user id/password process. The ultimate goal was to design a process that is efficient, safe and intuitive.

image of person going through flow

After working closely with designers, engineers, researchers and stakeholders, we delivered an improved and streamlined experience. There were many questions of whether or not we needed to implement common web elements such as "captcha", whether or not we had to "lock-them-out", etc... Working collaboratively with all the teams proved to be incredibly beneficial. We were able to take existing web logic and greatly improve this process for our users.