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East Bank Club is a very large and well know athletic club in Chicago. They expressed a desire to allow their members to be able to access their training programs on the go via mobile. They wanted an isolated mobile experience that allowed their members to pick a day and time to view what classes were being offered and by what instructor. They also wanted the ability to allow their members to search/filter by the type of class they were seeking (ex. spin, swim, strength).

I was tasked with this project almost five years ago, when mobile experience design was still the wild-west.

find a branch mobile

I delivered a solution that is still heavily used to this day. I worked on the interaction design, and visual design for this project. This was one of my first mobile projects I had ever worked on. Looking at the work now, I would certainly make recommendations for improvement in terms of usability. I like the idea of being able to reflect on past work as it shows how much we can improve, learn and innovate over time. At the time this was designed, the most heavily used device was still not a touch screen!